About is a website dedicated to telling the story of African Americans, Africans, Carribeans, and other melanated people in the State of Missouri.‘s goal is to connect the communities in Missouri. There is a myth or people just have never been shown that Missouri has a lot of rich Black history.

The goal of is to tell our story, to show people that the heart of Missouri is Black and that we have “a li’l somethin’ somethin’ to show you!” is a dream passion of mine.  I have had this domain name since 2000 and since that time, I have tried to come up with a way to list as much black history and black news as possible.  It wasn’t until recently, that I have created a system that makes it easy for me to add content.  Over the years, I have collected a lot of material.  So much in fact, that I have it stored in boxes and I literally need to scan the content and or type it in one by one, piece by piece. 

I love history, particularly Black history.  I love learning about the lives of people who were here before.  And because of this passion, I feel that I share apart in that history by creating this website to showcase as much of the positives of Black life in Missouri as I can.

It is hard to so at times because I have taken this idea to black leaders (lawyers, judges, business owners) and I get turned away.  The story goes “a couple of fellas came in here talking about something like you were talking about and they misused the money.”  So one bad apple spoils it for the next person who has the skills and the desire to make it happen, with or without money.  Or I have taken this idea to the white operated institutions such as Convention & Visitor Bureaus, and I was told “sorry, we don’t have the budget.”  But all the while, they are planning on building civil war monuments showing white union soldiers pulling a single black arm out of the ground not recognizing that in many ways the slaves freed themselves and the determination of the black soldiers to not return to slavery, helped the union win the Civil War.  Why can’t the statue show a black and a white union soldier standing together, side by side?

I cannot blame anyone for our history not being properly recorded.  It is the responsibility of Black men and women to record their history.  And we must stop blaming others for not doing our work.  In this new century, many of us are educated, well-read, successful, and have had opportunities that our ancestors could never have.  But we are not using them to the fullest and it starts by writing our past, present and future.  In many cases, rewriting the past by including us in it.

The challenge to Black Missourians, and for that matter, all African Americans, you must begin collecting and recording your history.  Even if you do not do anything with it but put it in a box and let it collect dust, you must instill in your children and grandchildren, to save this material and share it with others.

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