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October 24, 2012


July 10, 2012

Dudu Osun Black Soap (Case Pack of 48 Pieces)

Cambridge Latin Course

Latin Workbook

Latin Activity Masters


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Kansas Black Newspapers

September 1, 2008

African Americans owned and operated over 80 newspapers published in Kansas. You can view them at the Center for Historical Research in Kansas. The newspapers listed below are arranged alphabetically by town and title. Overall dates and the microfilm reel numbers (e.g. A863) are included. Other resources for researching Black history are available in the research room. A short article about black newspapers is available at African American newspapers.

The Atchison Blade, 1892-1898, broken run, A863 and A1377


Baxter Springs
The Southern Argus, Jun. 18, 1891 – Oct. 8, 1891, B927 and N16


Kansas, Homestead, Oct., 23, 1899 – Jan. 6, 1900, C2638

Afro-American Advocate, Sep. 2, 1891 – Sept. 1, 1893, incomplete, C598

The American, Apr. 23, 1898 – Apr. 1, 1899, scattered, C598

Coffeyville Herald, Mar. 21, 1908 – Jun. 13, 1908, broken, C598

Coffeyville Times, Mar. 25, 1939, single issue, not on film

Coffeyville Vindicator, Dec. 17, 1904 – Nov. 2, 1906, broken, C2717 and C2718


Emporia Citizen, Mar. 1, 1932 – Nov. 1, 1932, A1627


Fort Scott
Colored Citizen, Apr. 19, 1878 – Jul. 5, 1878, T1031

Fair Play, Apr. 22, 1898 – Jun. 16, 1899, P370

The Messenger, 1917 – 1918, F671

The Southern Argus, Oct. 15, 1891 – Feb. 4, 1892, F674 and N16


Blade, Jul. 27, 1918, Dec. 20, 1919 – Apr. 1, 1922, H690

Hutchinson Journal, Jul. 11, 1908, single issue, H1396


People’s Elevator, Jan. 5, 1928 – Jul. 24, 1930, I4


Kansas City
Advocate, Nov. 11, 1916 – May 7, 1926, K1, K2, K3 and K4

The American Citizen Jul. 26, 1889 – Aug. 2, 1907, broken, N15 and T9

Daily American Citizen, Nov. 11, 1897 – Feb. 7, 1900, incomplete, K5

Kansas City Globe, July 1 – 8, 1982, single issue, not on film

Kansas Elevator, Feb. 16, 1916 – Nov. 4, 1916, K965

Kansas State Globe, Oct. 5, 1983 – , see newspaper database

National Review, Apr. 26, 1913 – Oct. 25, 1913, N13

People’s Elevator, Aug. 19, 1937 – 1940, scattered

Plaindealer, 1932 – Nov. 7, 1958, T1271 thru T1279

Topics, May 16, 1895 – Dec. 7, 1895, incomplete, K986

Western Christian Recorder, Feb. 26, 1898 – Aug. 19, 1899, K542

Wyandotte Echo, Apr. 4, 1930 – Dec. 24, 1937, K543 and K544


For Our People, Sept. 8, 1971, single issue, E1259

Harambee, 1971, single issue, J432

The Historic Times, Jul. 11, 1891 – Nov. 14, 1891, N16

Western Recorder, Mar. 17, 1883 – Nov. 6, 1884, L774

Leavenworth Advocate, Aug. 18, 1888 – Aug. 22, 1891, incomplete, L825

Leavenworth Colored Radical, Aug. 24, 1876 – Nov. 16, 1876, scattered, N13

Leavenworth Herald, Feb. 17, 1894 – Apr. 23, 1898, scattered, L837 and L838


Nicodemus Cyclone, Dec. 30, 1887 – Sep. 7, 1888, incomplete, N15 and N215

Nicodemus Enterprise, Aug. 17, 1887 – Dec. 23, 1887, N15 and N215

Western Cyclone, May 13, 1886 – Dec. 16, 1887, N15 and N215

North Topeka
Benevolent Banner, May 21, 1887 – Oct. 22, 1887, N15


Eye Opener, Jul. 9, 1892 – Dec. 25, 1892, P1337

Parsons Weekly Blade, Sep. 24, 1892 – Dec. 28, 1900, scattered, P90, P91, P92 and P1357

Freeman’s Lance, Sep. 4, 1891, single issue, P370

Afro-American Review, Feb., May & June, 1915, P1287

The Pittsburg Plain Dealer, Aug. 5, 1899 – May 12, 1900, scattered, P696

The Uplift, Dec. 5, 1914 – Dec. 12, 1914, N13


Afro-American Review, Feb. 1915, N13

The Black Word is —, June 1971 – Feb. 1978, broken, not on film

Enterprise, Nov. 14, 1908 – Feb. 4, 1909, S1686

The Sedan Lance, 1892 – 1909, S563

The Western Globe, Aug. 1, 1902 – Oct. 10, 1902, three issues, S1273


The American Citizen, Feb. 23, 1888 – Jul. 19, 1889, N15 and T9

The Baptist Headlight, Sept. 15, 1893 – Aug. 8, 1894, incomplete, N16

The Benevolent Banner, May 21, 1887 – Oct. 22, 1887, N15

Capital Plaindealer, Sep. 30, 1936 – Aug. 6, 1938, T1027

The Colored Citizen, Jul. 26, 1878 – Nov. 16, 1900, T1031 and T1032

The Colored Patriot, Apr. 20, 1882 – Jun. 22, 1882, N15

Daily Ledger, Jun. 13, 1893 – Jun. 20, 1893, T2561

The Evening Call, Jun. 13, 1893 – Jul. 8, 1893, N16 and T2569

Herald of Kansas, Jan. 30, 1880 – Jun. 11, 1880, N15

The Kansas American, Mar. 21, 1936, single issue, T1127 and T1193, see also Kansas Whip

Kansas Baptist Herald, Nov. 11, 1911 – May 3, 1913, broken, T2753

The Kansas Blackman, Apr. 20, 1887 – Jun. 29, 1887, C2709 and N16

The Kansas Eagle, Dec. 21, 1934 – Dec. 19, 1935, T1193, see also Kansas Whip

Kansas Sentinel, Jul. 7, 1960 – Nov. 26, 1960, N13

Kansas State Tribune, Oct. 6, 1881, single issue, T2754

The Kansas Watchman, May 25, 1905 – Nov. 17, 1905, N13

Kansas Herald, Jan. 30, 1880 – Feb. 6, 1880, N15

Kansas Whip (later known as Kansas Eagle and Kansas American), Nov. 2, 1934 – Sep. 30, 1955, T1127 and T1193

The Little Weekly, Apr. 9, 1938 – Jun. 25, 1938, incomplete, T2653

Messenger, Jun. 14, 1969 – Jan. 21, 1970, N13

The National Watchman, May 9, 1914, single issue, N13 and T2691

The People’s Friend, Dec. 11, 1896, single issue, N16

The Plaindealer, Jan. 6, 1899 – Dec. 25, 1931, T1263 thru T1271

Sentinel, Jul. 7, 1960 – Jul. 8, 1964, N13 and T2622

The State Ledger, July 22, 1892 – Jun. 16, 1906, scattered, T1171, T1172 and T1173

The Times-Observer, Sep. 4, 1891 – Sep. 10, 1892, T2052

Topeka Call, Jun. 28, 1891 – Mar. 26, 1893, T19 and T20

Topeka Daily Plaindealer, Aug. 12, 1907 – Aug. 16, 1907, T2561

Topeka Ebony Times, Mar. 7, 1974 – May, 1974, incomplete, not on film

Topeka Post-Review, Oct. 1970 – Feb. 1971, three issues, T2735

The Topeka Tribune, Jun. 24, 1880 – Dec. 25, 1880, T2054

Topeka Tribune & Western, May 9, 1885 – Oct. 24, 1885, T2755


Weir City
Eagle, Nov. 17, 1887 – Mar. 23, 1900, N13

The American Times, Mar. 7, 1908 – Mar. 28, 1908, C2170

The Colored Citizen, Feb. 21, 1903 – Feb. 6, 1904, incomplete, N13

Kansas Black Journal, Mar. 24, 1983 – Dec. 27, 1984, NP5076 (also Jan. 3 – May 16, 1985, not on film)

Kansas Headlight, Aug. 24, 1894 – Sep. 14, 1894, two issues, C2170 and N16

Kansas Sunflower, Sep. 26, 1890 – Nov. 7, 1890, W3486

Kansas Voice, Oct. 19, 1946 – Sep. 26, 1947, W3486

Kansas Weekly Journal, Oct. 9, 1980 – Mar. 5, 1981, NP5076

Midwest News Press, Mar. 7, 1959 – Apr. 4, 1959, W3490

National Baptist World, Aug. 31, 1894 – Nov. 23, 1894, N14

The National Reflector, Dec. 8, 1895 – Dec. 25, 1897, scattered, W2165 and W3491

The Negro Star, May 7, 1920 – Dec. 26, 1952, W2166 thru W2171

News Hawk, Mar. 5 – 12, 1979, single issue, W3491

The People’s Elevator, Feb. 21, 1924 – Dec. 29, 1927, I4

The People’s Friend, May 24, 1894 – Sep. 28, 1894, N14

Wichita Factarian, Feb. 26, 1914 – Apr. 2, 1914, C2170 and N13

Wichita Globe, Feb. 17, 1887 – Oct. 29, 1887, W3467

Wichita Post-Observer, Jan. 2, 1953 – Jul. 31, 1953, W2172

Wichita Protest, Jun. 19, 1923 – Oct. 19, 1923, W3506

The Wichita Searchlight, Jun. 2, 1900 – Oct. 26, 1912, scattered, W2178 thru W2183

Wichita Times, Mar. 16, 1972 – Sep. 22, 1977, NP5074 and NP5075

The Wichita Tribune, Jul. 23, 1898 – Mar. 14, 1898, incomplete, N14


Other States
These are arranged alphabetically by state, city and newspaper title
San Francisco
Elevator, 1888, N16

Vindicator, 1888, N16

The Conservator, Nov. 18, 1882 – Dec. 18, 1886, incomplete, N14

Des Moines
Iowa Baptist Standard, May 21, 1897, N14

The Weekly Advocate, Jan. 20, 1893, N14

St. Louis
The American Eagle, Dec. 17, 1905, N14

The American Negro , Oct. 25, 1890, N14

The Progress, June 21, 1890, N14

New York
New York
The Ram’s Horn, Nov. 5, 1847, N14

The Virginia Star, May 11, 1878 – Dec. 23, 1882, N14

Kansas City Community Resources, Churches and Places of Worship, and Media

July 15, 2008

Coming to Kansas City?  Here is a sampling of some of Kansas City’s Community Resources, churches and places of worship, and media.

You can check out more resources at

Churches & Places of Worship

Bethel AME Church 2329 Flora Avenue, 816.231.3555

Boone Tabernacle Church of God in Christ, 1317 E. 12th Street, 816.471.0955

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, 416 W 12th Street, 816.842.0416

Jamison Memorial Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, 3115 E Linwood Blvd., 816.921.8126

Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, 2310 E. Linwood Blvd., 816.923.3689

Morning Star Baptist Church, 2411 E 27th Street, 816.923.3599

Paseo Baptist Church, 2501 Paseo Blvd., 816.921.6842

Saint James United Methodist Church, 5540 Wayne, 816.444.5588

Victorious Life Church, 3400 Paseo Blvd., 816.561.3619

Community Resources

African Chamber of Commerce, 816.753.3219

Black Chamber of Commerce, 816.474.9901

Black Economic Union, 816.474.1080

Kansas Black Chamber of Commerce, 913.596.1272

MidAmerica Minority Business Development Council, 816.221.4200

Minority Contractors Association, 816.924.4441

NAACP Kansas City, Kansas Branch, 913.281.7900

NAACP Johnson County, Kansas Branch, 913.362.2272

NAACP Kansas City, Missouri Headquarters, 816.421.1191

Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 816.241.0404

United Minority Media Association, 816.822.1313

Urban League of Greater Kansas City, 816.471.0550

Kansas City Media


Kansas City Star, daily

Kansas City Globe, weekly

The Call, weekly

JAM (Jazz Ambassador Magazine)

On The Air

KCUR-FM 89.3 – National Public Radio (University of Missouri- Kansas City)

KKFI-FM 90.1 – Blues, Gospel, Jazz, Reggae, Hip Hop, Alternative and World Music

KUDL-FM 98.1 – Soft Rock

KCFX-FM 101.1 – Classic Rock

KPRS-FM 103.3 – Hip Hop, Urban Contemporary and the Steve Harvey Morning Show

KGGN-AM 890 – Gospel Music

KPRT-AM 1590 – Gospel Music

KXTR-AM 1660 – Classical Music

Missouri Media and Missouri Daily News Sources

July 13, 2008

Daily news sources (except Broadcast News)

NP   Boonville Daily News (Boonville) en
NP   Branson Daily News (Branson) en
NP   Carthage Press (Carthage) en
NP   Columbia Daily Tribune (Columbia) en
NP   Constitution-Tribune, The (Chillicothe) en
NP   Daily American Republic (Poplar Bluff) en
NP   Daily Capital News, The (Jefferson City) en
NP   Daily Dunklin Democrat (Kennett) en
NP   Daily Guide (Waynesville) en
NP   Daily Journal (Park Hills) en
NP   Daily News, The (Richmond) en
NP   Daily News-Bulletin (Brookfield) en
NP   Daily Record, The (Kansas City) en
NP   Daily Statesman (Dexter) en
IN   digitalBURG (Warrensburg) en
NP   Examiner, The (Blue Springs / Independence) en
NP   Fulton Sun (Fulton) en
NP   Hannibal Courier-Post (Hannibal) en
NP   Jefferson City News Tribune (Jefferson City) en
IN   Joplin Daily (Joplin) en
NP   Joplin Globe (Joplin) en
IN (Joplin) en
IN   Kansas City InfoZine (Kansas City) en
NP   Kansas City Star (Kansas City) en
NP   Kirksville Daily Express and Daily News (Kirksville) en
NP   Lake Sun Leader (Camdenton) en
NP   Lebanon Daily Record (Lebanon) en
NP   Macon Chronicle-Herald (Macon) en
NP   Marshall Democrat-News (Marshall) en
NP   Maryville Daily Forum (Maryville) en
IN   Meramac News (Sullivan) en
NP   Mexico Ledger, The (Mexico) en
IN   Missouri Digital News (Jefferson City) en
IN   Missouri Impact! (Rolla) en
IN   Missouri Sports Online en
NP   Missourian, The (Columbia) en
NP   Monett Times (Monett) en
NP   Monitor-Index (Moberly) en
NP   Neosho Daily News (Neosho) en
NP   Nevada Daily Mail (Nevada) en
NP   Pulse The (Kansas City) en
NP   Rolla Daily News (Rolla) en
NP   Sedalia Democrat (Sedalia) en
NP   Southeast Missourian (Cape Girardeau) en
NP   Springfield News-Leader (Springfield) en
NP   St. Joseph News-Press (St. Joseph) en
NP   St. Louis Daily Record (St. Louis) en
IN   St. Louis Newsnet (St. Louis) en
NP   St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis) en
NP   Standard-Democrat (Sikeston) en
NP   Trenton Republican-Times (Trenton) en
NP   West Plains Daily Quill (West Plains) enWeekly and less frequent news sources (except Broadcast News)

NP   Adelante (Columbia) es
NP   Adrian Journal, The (Adrian) en
NP   Albany Ledger (Albany) en
IN   Armour Observer, The (Kansas City) en
NP   Atchison County Mail (Rock Port) en
NP   Benton County Enterprise (Warsaw) en
NP   Bethany Republican-Clipper (Bethany) en
NP   Bolivar Herald-Free Press (Bolivar) en
NP   Boone County Journal (Ashland) en
NP   Branson Courier (Branson) en
NP   Buffalo Reflex (Buffalo) en
NP   Business Journal, The (Kansas City) en
NP   Caldwell County News (Hamilton) en
NP   California Democrat (California) en
NP   Call Newspapers (St. Louis) en
NP   Call, The (Kansas City) en
NP   Cameron Citizen-Observer (Cameron) en
NP   Carrollton Democrat, The (Carrollton) en
NP   Cash-Book Journal, The (Jackson) en
NP   Cass County Democrat-Missourian (Harrisonville) en
NP   Cassville Democrat (Cassville) en
NP   Cedar County Republican (Stockton) en
NP   Chesterfield Journal (Town and Country) en
NP   Christian County Headliner News (Ozark) en
NP   Citizen Journal (Town and Country) en
NP   Community News (St. Louis) en
NP   Crane Chronicle / Stone County Republican (Crane) en
NP   Cuba Free Press (Cuba) en
NP   Current News (Kansas City) en
NP   Democrat News (Fredericktown) en
NP   Democrat-Argus (Caruthersville) en
NP   Dispatch Tribune Newspapers (Kansas City) en
NP   Dos Mundos (Kansas City) es
NP   Douglas County Herald (Ava) en
NP   El Dorado Springs Sun (El Dorado Springs) en
NP   Excelsior Springs Standard (Excelsior Springs) en
NP   Explore Kansas City (Kansas City) en M
NP   Fairfax Forum (Fairfax) en
NP   Farmington Press (Farmington) en
NP   Fayette Newspapers (Fayette) en
NP   Fireside Guard (Centralia) en
NP   Fort Leonard Wood Patriot (St. Robert) en
NP   Gazette Weekly, The (Levasy) en
NP   Gladstone Sun-News (Gladstone) en
NP   Guidon (Fort Leonard Wood) en
NP   Hamilton Advocate (Hamilton) en
NP   Hazelwood-Bridgeton Journal (Hazelwood) en
NP   Houston Herald (Houston) en
NP   Howell County News (Willow Springs) en
NP   Informador KC, El (Kansas City, KS) es
MG   Ingram’s (Kansas City, KS) en M
NP   Jefferson County Journal (Festus) en
NP   Joplin Independent, The (Joplin) en
NP   Kearney Courier, The (Kearney) en
NP   Kirkwood-Webster Journal (Kirkwood) en
NP   Ladue News (Ladue) en
NP   Lake Gazette, The (Monroe City) en
NP   Lake Viking News (Lake Viking) en
NP   Lamar Democrat (Lamar) en
NP   Landmark, The (Platte City) en
NP   Lawson Review (Lawson) en
NP   Lee’s Summit Journal (Lee’s Summit) en
NP   Liberty Sun-News (Liberty) en
NP   Lincoln County Journal (Troy) en
NP   Linn County Leader (Brookfield) en
NP   Mansfield Mirror, The (Mansfield) en
NP   Marceline Press, The (Marceline) en
NP   Marshfield Mail (Marshfield) en
NP   McDonald County Press (Pineville) en
NP   Memphis Democrat (Memphis) en
NP   Meramec Journal (Meramec) en
NP   Metro i, The (St. Louis) en
NP   Mid-America Farm News (Perryville) en
NP   Mid-County Journal (Town and Country) en
NP   Missouri Lawyers Weekly (St. Louis) en
NP   Missouri Medical Law (St. Louis) en Q
NP   Missourian Publishing (Washington) en
NP   Monroe County Appeal (Paris) en
NP   Mound City News (Mound City) en
NP   Mountain Grove News Journal (Mountain Grove) en
NP   Mountain View Weekly Gazette (Mountain View) en
NP   Nevada Herald (Nevada) en
NP   New Times (Kansas City) en
NP   News Democrat Journal (Festus) en
NP   News Xpress (Butler) en
NP   Nixa News-Enterprise (Nixa) en
NP   Nodaway News Leader (Maryville) en
NP   North County Journal (Hazelwood) en
NP   North Missourian (Gallatin) en
NP   North Side Journal (Hazelwood) en
NP   Northeast County Journal (Hazelwood) en
NP   Northland Sun-News, The (Kansas City) en
NP   Northwest County Journal (Hazelwood) en
NP   Oakville-Mehlville Journal (St. Louis) en
NP   Odessan, The (Odessa) en
NP   O’Fallon Journal (O’Fallon) en
NP   Overland-St. Ann Journal (Hazelwood) en
NP   Ozark County Times (Gainesville) en
NP   Parkland Sun (Farmington) en
NP   People’s Tribune, The (Bowling Green) en
NP   Perry County Republic Monitor (Perryville) en
NP   Perryville Suntimes News (Perryville) en
NP   Pitch Weekly (Kansas City) en
NP   Platte County Citizen, The (Platte City) en
NP   Platte County Sun-News (Liberty) en
NP   Pleasant Hill Times (Pleasant Hill) en
NP   Press Journal (Town and Country) en
NP   Press-News Journal (Canton) en
NP   Pulaski County Democrat (St. Robert) en
NP   Republic Monitor, The (Republic) en
NP   Richland Mirror (Richland) en
NP   Riverfront Times (St. Louis) en
NP   Rural Reporter (Lathrop) en
NP   Smithville Lake Herald (Smithville) en
NP   South City Journal (St. Louis) en
NP   South County Journal (St. Louis) en
NP   South County Mail (Rogersville) en
NP   South Missourian News, The (Thayer) en
NP   South Side Journal (St. Louis) en
NP   Southwest City Journal (St. Louis) en
NP   Southwest County Journal (St. Louis) en
NP   Springfield Business Journal (Springfield) en
IN   Springfield Scene (Springfield) rn
NP   St. Charles Journal (St. Peters) en
NP   St. James Leader-Journal (St. James) en
NP   St. Louis American (St. Louis) en
NP   St. Louis Business Journal (St. Louis) en
NP   St. Louis Chinese American News (St. Louis) zh en
MG   St. Louis Commerce (St. Louis) en M
NP   St. Louis Nursing News (St. Louis) en
NP   St. Peters Journal (St. Peters) en
NP   Star, The (El Dorado Springs) en
NP   Star-Herald, The (Belton) en
NP   Ste. Genevieve Herald (Ste. Genevieve) en
NP   Steelville Star / Crawford Mirror (Steelville) en
NP   Suburban Journals (St. Louis area) en
IN   Sullivan Independent News (Sullivan) en
NP   Sun Times (Ste. Genevieve) en
NP   Taney County Times (Branson / Forsyth) en
NP   Tarkio Avalanche (Tarkio) en
NP   Times Newspapers (St. Louis) en
NP   Town & Country News (Blue Springs) en
NP   Tri-County Journal (Town and Country) en
NP   Tri-County News (King City) en
NP   Tri-County Weekly (Jamesport) en
NP   Vandalia Leader (Vandalia) en
NP   Vernon County Record (Nevada) en
NP   Vernon Publishing (Versailles) en
NP   Vital Voice, The (St. Louis) en
NP   Warrenton Journal (Warrenton) en
NP   Wayne County Journal-Banner (Piedmont) en
NP   Webster County Citizen (Seymour) en
NP   West County Journal (Town and Country) en
NP   West End Word (St. Louis) en 
NP   West Side Star (Laurie) en Broadcast news sources

RD   Branson World Radio (Branson) en
RD   Brownfield (Agriculture) Network (Jefferson City) en
RD   Capitol News Bureau (Jefferson City) en
RD   KAAN (Bethany) en
RD   KCHI (Chillicothe) en
RD   KCMW (Warrensburg) en
TV   KCTV (Kansas City) en
RD   KCXL (Liberty) en 
TV   KDEB (Springfield) en
TV   KETC (St. Louis) en 
RD   KFEQ (St. Joseph) en
RD   KFRU (Columbia) en
TV   KFVS (Cape Girardeau) en
TV   KHQA (Hannibal) en
RD   KJFF (Festus) en
RD   KJLU (Jefferson City) en
RD   KJPW (St. Robert) en
RD   KKWK (Cameron) en
TV   KMBC (Kansas City) en
TV   KMIZ (Columbia) en
TV   KMOV (St. Louis) en
RD   KMOX (St. Louis) en
RD   KNIM (Maryville) en
TV   KODE (Joplin) en
TV   KOLR (Springfield) en
RD   KOMC (Branson) en
TV   KOMU (Columbia) en
RD   KOPN (Columbia) en
TV   KPLR (St. Louis) en 
TV   KQTV (St. Joseph) en
TV   KRCG (Jefferson City) en
RD   KRCU (Cape Girardeau) en
RD   KREI (Farmington) en
RD   KRES (Moberly) en 
RD   KRZK (Branson) en
TV   KSDK (St. Louis) en 
TV   KSHB (Kansas City) en
RD   KSMU (Springfield) en
TV   KSNF (Joplin) en
TV   KSPR (Springfield) en
RD   KTJJ (Farmington) en
RD   KTTN (Trenton) en
RD   KTTS (Springfield) en 
TV   KTVI (St. Louis) en 
TV   KTVO (Kirksville / Ottumwa, IA) en
RD   KWIX (Moberly) en 
TV   KYTV (Springfield) en
RD   Missourinet (Jefferson City) en
RD   WDAF (Kansas City) en
TV   WDAF (Kansas City) en