Kansas City’s Blue Room Makes You Relive History and Experience History at the Same Time

July 14, 2008

The Blue Room on 18th and VineThe Blue Room captures the spirit of Kansas City.  Jazz is apart of Kansas City’s history.  But places like the Blue Room help you experience the history and make history at the same time.  The Blue Room is apart of the American Jazz Museum and located on 18th and Vine. 

Although I have lived in Missouri and Kansas most of my life, it wasn’t until moving to Kansas City that I just saw how deep jazz runs through the veins of Kansas City and her citizens.  Jazz is the blood of Kansas City.  I know this because I was attended the annual Black Chamber of Commerce ball held in the Fall of 2006.  The Who’s Who of Black Kansas City was there.  I sat in awe at the hundreds of Black and successful business people.  They didn’t even know how special they were, to me, a child of smaller communities who had never seen a Black judge, Black lawyer, Black gas station owner, Black Marketing firm owner, Black newspaper publisher, etc.

A jazz song played while we were waiting for everyone to be seated.  And everyone’s heads started bobbing and I saw the beautiful women and their men wearing tuxes.  Mentally, it took me back to a time when it was not uncommon for black men and black women to dress this way and attend such events.  I knew right then I was reliving history and I was apart of history at the same time. 

I soon visited the Blue Room for a night out.  I went alone heading down to 18th and Vine.  I parked nearby on a side street and walked towards the Blue Room.  Speakers are outside, so you can hear the piano playing as you approach.  In fact, you could mosey on down the street and window peak into the businesses and still hear the sultry jazz music. 

But I went in and was surprised by the atmosphere.  Classy men and women, black, white, asian, hispanic sat inside.  They looked, I nodded and took my seat at the bar.  This is my kind of place.  Non somking and relaxing.  You can’t go wrong with the Blue Room.

The Blue Room in Kansas City, Missouri
The Blue Room is located at 1600 E. 18th Street, Kansas City, MO. Phone number: 816.474.2929.
Part of the AMerican Jazz Museum by day, the Blue Room transforms into a working jazz club at night. Top local and national musicians take the stage four nights a week in this nonsmoking venue.

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