Black Kansas City

Experiences you will only find in Kansas City if you are looking for unique African American diversity and historical ideas.

When you come to Kansas City, there are a few things you just have to do.  It’s only in Kansas City!

1.  Visit the African exhbit and the Egyptian exhbit at the Nelson’s Art Museum.

2.  Attend a Kansas City’s Chiefs Game.

3.  Go to Worlds of Fun!

4.  Visit the American Jazz Museum and experience the original music form in this interactive historical center.

5.  Visit the Negro Baseball League and discover the pioneers of black baseball.

6.  Get some Barbecue at Gates BBQ or Authur Bryant’s.

7.   Get your hair done at any one of the many beauty shops on Troost Ave.

 PR: wait…  I: wait…  L: wait…  LD: wait…  I: wait…